Time Management

Busy Family Gets it Done

By Tasha Cooper

On any given day if you were to take a peek into the Cooper household you may see something that resembles a busy traffic intersection. Just like a busy intersection, there are many different people heading to different destinations and with different goals and it requires coordination to keep everyone moving. Just like a traffic accident can clog an intersection for everyone around, a “fender bender” in one family member’s day can throw everyone’s schedule out of whack.

In my household we have many activities taking place at the same time. Being able to juggle a lot of activities is an art, but you don’t need to be a gifted artist to do it. I have learned that keeping my priorities straight (God first, family second, and business third) is the key to not letting the important things in life get run over by the urgent things that pop up.

My husband is full time in the business, I work full time and help with the business, and my two sons are scholar athletes. We spend our time working hard, but we also prioritize in family time as well. My husband, my twelve and fourteen year-old sons and I work together as a team. We believe in the concept of Together Everyone Achieves More. We know that if we all help each other, it’s a win-win situation for everybody. In working together, communication is pivotal. It’s vital to have a day set aside just for discussing the coming week’s plans and activities. We have made Sunday our setup for success day. Many Sundays we cook meals for the entire week. This enables us to have healthy meals on the go. As a family, we plan our week on Sunday. We talk about upcoming school projects, meetings that my husband and I have, the boys’ basketball schedule, etc. This helps us to be organized and for each of us to get to the places we need to be on time.

Time is precious and valuable. Because we value time so much, as a family we strive to spend our time with one another and working towards the goals and dreams we believe God has placed in our hearts. A little bit of planning, a lot of communication and an attitude of teamwork keeps the traffic in the Cooper household moving, and more importantly, it keep us moving in the right direction.

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