The Harvest is Plenty but the Working Entrepreneurs Are Few


by: Polet Sabetimani

“Harvest is plenty, but the workers are few.”

This may be one of my favorite verses in the book of Matthew. Now lets set aside the religious meaning to this verse for a moment doesn’t it sound like a description of why some people are successful and others aren’t?

When I read this for the first time, I wondered why the workers are few? I remember one day my personal trainer telling me, “Polet, you will work out, and as a result you may feel a little muscle ache, but don’t quit. Just come back.” Also on another occasion as a volunteer at a non-profit, the leader said, “Thank you all for volunteering, but there will be times that you may not feel like coming–just join us anyway.”

By nature we are easily drawn to comfort versus challenge, growth, and work.

Then I read the verse again, focusing on the word “harvest.” What is a harvest? Harvest means accumulation, return, and result.

I learn a lot from nature. In my opinion God created nature to give us examples of consistency, worship, peace, and multiplication. Another verse in Genesis says, “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” So we will always need workers.

If you were to plant an apple tree, could you see the apples that will be produced by simply staring at the seeds? No. It is an image we have in our mind. Faithfully, we plant that seed, hoping for a harvest. The verse goes on to say that harvest is plenty, and from one apple seed there will be a tree with hundreds of apples on it. That same applies with any other seed–lemon seed, orange seed, kindness seed, ministering seed, prospect seed, follow up seed, referral seed. You get the point.

I believe there are many reasons why people don’t experience a harvest so plenty, but here are three reasons that resonate among most entrepreneurs that I have studied and paid attention to:

1. No Patience

Most people want instant gratification instead of delayed gratification. I once heard a mentor say that as competitors and result driven entrepreneurs, we must be “aggressively patient”. Sometimes the rewards are worth the wait.

2. Limiting Beliefs

We’ve all heard the many stories of people who were anchored by their limiting beliefs and once they broke free of them, experienced massive success. Ask yourself, is there anything that is holding you back from reaching the next level? Do you have an anchor pulling you back? If you do, unless you decide to break free, you will keep getting the same results.

3. Low Self-image

There’s a quote I read that said “our self worth determines our net worth”. Therefore a low self-image will give us less than expected results. Understand that elevating your self image takes time and consistency in your habits; the good kind of habits. Are you reading? What are you reading? How’s your self talk? A great way to start feeling uplifted is to encourage others and pour belief into people. You are unique and have something special to give to the world, so remind yourself of that everyday.

Sometimes when we start working out, we want to get into shape overnight, or when we build a business we want to become a millionaire in two hours. But the pregnant lady doesn’t get pregnant and give birth in one week. Instead, it takes 40 very interesting weeks, and once she holds the baby she thinks to herself it was totally worth the wait. Through the anticipation of having a baby, a woman becomes a mother. She transforms into a new person.

In order for us to experience a harvest in business or as entrepreneurs, we have to be the workers that plant seeds consistently in the areas we want to see growth in; then in due time we will reap the results. We may be planting black cherry that grows 4 inches in a season or a bamboo tree that may take 5 years to grow. As we get into the world of entrepreneurship, we don’t come in with experience, so we need to develop ourselves to transform from an employee mindset into a business owner mindset. We become the workers that are few, and we will increase in numbers over time.

Many people are lost out in the world. They are in need of financial education, marriages are falling apart, people are settling for less than they deserve, going from living to just existing, children are getting involved with the wrong crowd because they don’t have the right mentors. But when we believe in ourselves that we are created to do good in this world, I believe that with faith and hard work, we can accomplish anything, because the secret has been revealed to us: The Harvest is plenty.



Polet Sabetimani is a Marketing Director at PHP Agency out of Burbank, CA.

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